ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – There's no question about it: building green boosts your bottom line. That's why high-performance terrazzo tile from Nurazzo are the best solution for your commercial flooring needs. Read more about how Nurazzo is the green decision.

Our Marble Line is manufactured using natural marble chips from local quarries. Our Crystal Collection uses 70%

post-consumer recycled glass from regional recycling centers. Our Recycled Marble Collection is created using 100% post-industrial recycled marble aggregates.


When you choose Nurazzo® terrazzo tile, you’re demonstrating to your customers and the world that your building project is truly “made green in the USA.”

Installing Nurazzo® flooring can contribute to the points needed for LEED certification – the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. View our information below to learn more about how our tile can help your project become LEED certified.

Click here to read about our Leed Information (pdf)

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